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Agroplex has maintained and adopted since its founding in 2010 a dynamic policy of continuous growth, the main objective of which is to enhance its leadership position while constantly taking into account serious endeavors and promoting adaptation to change to impart acquired knowledge about the changing farming dynamics of farmers.

Keeping abreast with international practices to solve problems related to crop protection and soil nutrition along with effective solutions to manage soil health problems to add greater value and benefit to farmers in order to obtain a healthy plant in a smooth manner.

Our company serves customers with qualified employees. We have extensive logistics and distribution centers, we are also expanding the list of offers and services, to meet our customers’ needs, and we plan to continue development.

We offer our customers the highest quality products as well as fast and professional service. Company policy “We can make it better so that we serve our customers at best.”

Thanks to the talent, efforts, and dedication of our team, uniting its driving force through innovation and working in tandem with farms, we create effective and competitive agricultural solutions that deliver value and respect the environment.

After Agroplex has extensive experience, we are equipped to carry out all agricultural, horticultural, agricultural, breeding, farmer, healer, merchants, distributors, and importers business of all types of seeds, nutrients and crop protection.

At present, the company is engaged in marketing and importing seeds and agricultural supplies.

Strong financial and trade resources allowed her to position herself in the international markets and markets with strong agents. 

In addition to the many experiences carried out in the field of agricultural nutrients, seeds and pesticides alike that put us at the top of the international technology platform, we mobilize all these efforts to serve the local market for our valued customers.
Which recently invests in the region, which contributes to improving the quality of life for the whole society.

We have devoted our efforts to providing the market with the new items and formulations resulting from our research, which are returning unprecedented results.

The commitment that we pledged ensures our support for growth in a continuous and sustainable manner, and transforming the pillar of expertise and hard work into a competitive advantage applied to all transformation processes towards success.

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